Do you have a website or server that you would like to associate multiple domain names with?

Domain Parking allows you to take control of your domain names online using Nexon’s Control Panel.

Some uses for Domain Parking include:

  • Pointing multiple domain names at one website You may want to register variants of your own domain name to point at your website or; you may want to register domain names associated with one of your products or services.

  • Pointing your domain at an internal mail server Some customers run their own mail server in-house. Domain Parking will allow you to point your domain name at your in-house mail server.

  • Pointing domains at a web server With Domain Parking you can point domain names at your web server. This is an easy way of managing DNS settings for a domain in comparison to configuring things on an actual server.

Customers have the choice of controlling their own domain name server records using Nexon’s Control Panel or Nexon can assist with changes over the telephone.


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Domain Parking

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