Why Join the BlueCentral Affiliate Program?

Refer business to us as a BlueCentral affiliate and we will reward you with a commission. 

How does it work?

As a BlueCentral affiliate, you can sign customers up via your own website or simply refer your customers to the BlueCentral customer enquiry line.

A code is provided to all BlueCentral affiliates that is embedded in a unique online join form. This allows us to identify which customers an affiliate has signed up.

The code is also used when an affiliate’s customer contacts BlueCentral via telephone to sign up or add additional services to their account.

What benefits do BlueCentral affiliates receive?

BlueCentral affiliates are provided with benefits that include:


BlueCentral Affiliates receive an ongoing commission for the life of the customer account. Even if the customer adds additional services.

Special Partner Plans

BlueCentral has created a unique product set for affiliates that has additional features in comparison to our direct customer plans. Any customers referred to BlueCentral by an affiliate will be provided with incentives such as additional storage, bandwidth, RAM and CPU. Incentives differ based on the product purchased.

Dedicated Account Managers

BlueCentral affiliates have access to a dedicated account manager who can assist with things such as marketing campaigns to your existing customers.

How do I join?

The BlueCentral Affiliate Program has been developed with many types of businesses in mind including  web developers, systems integrators, marketing agencies and IT consultants to name a few.

If you operate a business that incorporates online based services as a part of your customer offering, you qualify to join the BlueCentral Affiliate Program. 

To join the BlueCentral Affiliate Program or to find out more information please contact us on 1300 258 323 or click here to complete the enquiry form.
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